Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Today's Ramblings

Tuesdays are my favourite days. Its just me and the bubba at home. I don't have to go anywhere or do anything but play, tidy up, play, quilt, play and watch Oprah. It is toooo sweet.
Here is todays picture of bath-boy-bubba. The bubba is officially a genius as he can play peekaboo at 7 months. But you see him here in the bath today, brandishing his new tooth.

Just surfing the unbelievable web of craft blogs starting from the unfeasibly talented Aunty Cookie. It mostly makes me feel very dull and not very stylish -but its not all about me is it!? Granny is bringing back some new fabrics for me from the big smoke, so my little island crafty quilts may raise my blog craft profile yet. I think gran has selected a barnyard theme for me. Nice! Just found great fabric shop on ebay. Some very cute retro kids prints.

Went to the Dance on the weekend. Culture comes to the Island! The show was bloody fantastic. Entertaining, stylish (costumes by Akira Isogowa) and inspiring contemporary dance that does not dissapear up its own intellectual a*hole. The music was fantastic too - from Debussy to Gershwin. When you don't get out much its very gratifying to go out and be purely entertained. Graeme Murphy got loads of love from his hometown audience too. Quite touching really.


shannon said...

Culture crossed the water eh? Always knew you dug the world of darnce, are you inspired to don some lycra and interpret.....?

Ofcourse your childs a genius.

shannon said...

Me again, yes to a swap. Give me a week, need to make you lot some 'special' ones....post on mrs.

Jo D said...

gosh he's cute......