Thursday, June 01, 2006

Quotes from the Smiths

Luthier to me, whilst I sat knitting on the couch, complaining about my lack of craft time:
"Don't worry Mum. There's plenty of time for craft when you're dead."
J, out of nowhere, to me also knitting on the couch:"So Mum, what happens when Dad goes off with someone else? Then you'll have to find someone else too."
J, to the Luthier later that evening,
"Dad, what happens when you find someone else?"
The luthier responds : "I'm not going off with someone else."J replies " Yeeees, Dad, you might find someone pretty."
Teaching the J to write and explaining punctuation marks,
"But Mum, what are suppostraphes for?" I think he meant apostraphes.
J on seeing my hairy winter- neglected legs: "Mum , are you turning into Dad?"
Sachababy on seeing the Luthier in his shop "Oh, Dad!"
Me and the Smithy boys. (I roll my eyes and smile ...)


yaya said...

Make them into a song and send them to Morissey (what is he up to now???) Still loving the blog - by the way, Charlie & Lola are my fav books too (but i try to do the accents too too hard!)

Shannon said...

Noice and hairy eh? Steven sees my hairy legas and says 'Clean yourself up wouldya' and he wonders why I wont marry him....

Mrs Davey said...

ha ha very cute ....can see it all - by the way what are you knitting?(hope you arent waiting til your dead to finish it)