Sunday, August 06, 2006



while it sounds like something Andrew O'Keefe would cry out on "the deal", it is, in fact, a type of timber (also a bar in Brooklyn according to Google).

I just like the sound of it.
J thinks its the sound our hearts make.


samantha said...

good word choice.
thanks for the lovely comment about my drawing attempts.
Don't know why your email isn't getting thru.

Gillian said...

Nothing quite like the sound o the heart eh?

Joanne said...

I am closet fan of "the deal" .... oooohhh game shows have good words.
whaddayathinkof "double whammy".
Joshie is adorable.

daniela said...

Joshi; what a shining boy. Don't you love the way he sees the world? (I do, in in this case 'hears' the world).

daniela said...

My word for the day, well, I hate to let you down, but it's still doosh-bag. I got to get over it. It's everywhere I look, it's in everything I touch, (I'm laughing here) ... (let a bit of scoffing at one's own line of expression not hinder your rant I hear you say...) Ok. It's ever-bloody-where, even in the bathroom mirror. It's on the phone, on the fucking tellie and it's all over the blogs I'm reading ...

(short pregnant pause)

... ahh, I'm hearing it: I GOTTA GET OFFA THIS DOOSH-BAG ISLAND!!!!!

There, I said it again: I'm boring the crap outa myself here, GG-Suddo.

(deep breath).

Nothing left to say other than "I think I have become a Doosh-bag".

(What the hell is a doosh-bag anyway?)

oh. I like your spelling but I can't bare to think of france right now.