Saturday, September 16, 2006

DJ GooGoo turns one

It was my baby's birthday and we picnicked in the sun. We ate too many party pies, too much cake and played with the family and friends. It is strange to think the year has gone so quickly. The first half of the year was so dramatic and the second, for the most part was so peaceful, prosperous and happy.

I think I was the one who grew up this year.


daniela said...

maybe you did grow up this year ... maybe that's why he became so ill, maybe he is a good teacher ... maybe I'm just 'looking for signs'.

but all good in the hood, hey?

we love youz too.

Gillian said...

It looks like it was a lovely day and I'm pissed that I had to miss it (Hobarting for another Virgo!). . .but best wishes for this year eh. . .may the blessings continue.

Also a big 'growing up' year for moi aussi! But we're doing it gracefully aren't we? Damn, I say bring on the disgraceful stuff!

Gillian said...

And also, much appreciation of the Spot cake. . .after recently embarking on the Log Cabin I totally understand my parent's screaming chaos when it came to the annual cake construction!

Joanne said...

I want some spot cake. Happy Birthday to you all!! You all deserve it!! xxxxxx ps He and Saf can date because they are the cutest bubs ever.

mrs smith said...

Hey D - he is an excellent teacher.
G - i am very keen for more disgrace and hope that you will join me in it. the log cabin sounds a bit ambitious
J - Prepare Mr Davey for a Smith boy in the family.

You ladies are truly great.