Monday, October 09, 2006

Vegie Garden Bliss

It's happened. Those bloody island hippies are getting to me. The words organic, mulch and compost are now part of my regular vocabulary.

I have a vegie garden!!

Well, I'm not exactly Felicity Kendall in 'The Good Life' but I have planted six tomato plants and done a lot of digging and weeding and talking gardens.

There is dirt under my fingernails and I am loving it.

Next will go in a collection of leafy green things, some climbing peas on tripods of cane and some potatoes under pea straw. The promise of homegrown vegies is thrilling. I see a beautiful image of my boys picking and shelling peas and eating them all before dinner like we used to as children.

Hmmm, the island idyll ... just the lifestyle I had hoped for.

Below is irrelelvant but funny picture of the J.


shannon said...

Nice one george! although I cant imagine your little chappies shelling peas...I expect lots of homegrown and made goodness coming from chez smith from now on...

daniela said...

im hearing it sista!