Monday, July 30, 2007


What else is a blog for if not self-indulgent thoughts.
This is me thinking about myself.

I am the proud wife of the surly luthier with art in his hands and a passion for his family and Harry Potter.

I am the proud mother of an older, deep thinking son with a passion for rock and a young son with his father's fancy hands and a passion for swearing( "Bullshit! PooBumWee!"). A daughter is on her way and I can't wait to meet her.

I am the proud sister of a complex, hilarious, busy, mad and extraordinary group of six sibling who surround, teach, torture and entertain me. ( Brother Sister)

I am the proud daughter of an exceptional father who spent 40 years saving lives for a living.

I am the proud daughter of a mother who raised us, seven flawed and fabulous people and endured and loved our exceptional father.

I am the aunt of 4 truly unique individuals and I sense the enormous potential of their lives with every breath that I take in their presence.

Family is everything to me.
Mother is my vocation. A strange and tenuous position in this culture of "more".
I have fought it, despised it, tried to replace it. Now I relish it.

I have battled with what I am not long enough.

And when my son, who is not yet two, looks up into my proud eyes lovingly and with all the passion and enthusiasm he can muster cries " Bullshit!"....

I smile.


joanne said...

beautiful... cannot wait to meet your little girl either. So I guess no soap - mouth washing going on in your house?? Little monkeys! xx

Sean said...

Hi George, i'm impressed, thanks for the link too. Being a manager of engineers means I can't do anything techo for myself anymore, but I will try to learn...
Take care