Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beauty of the Island

My mother, always a woman of impeccable taste and refinement, bought me a card featuring this print "Mount Wellington' by Mandy Reynard. An artist on the island creating portraits of geographical features and beloved spots of the island as 17th Century woman.

It is divine. Go to Handmark Gallery if you fancy a look at the rest of her available work. My favourites are Bless, and of course "The Delicate Workings of Smith".

Speaking of beauty my number two son informed me with great authority the other day that milk is gotten by farmers who squeeze it from cow's milk bottoms. Yum!


pollyanna said...

well done georgie, now I have to do the same. I might have to come back to Tassie for a while to kickstart my empire, but that would be fun, that or byron bay.... hmmm dreamy

Black Eyed Susie said...

I love her prints - they're great aren't they. I've been meaning to say hello ever since you popped by my blog - apologies for being so slow.

I was so impressed when I first saw that a Luthier was here - I think that's a great claim to fame for a small place! It makes me happy just to know it's there. My hubbie very occasionally gets his violin out and plays - I wish he'd do it more.

Maybe we'll meet one day through Gemma - I'd love to.