Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Love

Cards from me kids.
Noice, doncha reckon?

Sacha's reads at the bottom: 
I love my Mum because she packs up my toys and my lunch.
Pity the bad photo does not adequately reveal the valiant attempt at writing his name. The 'S' and 'h' are superb. If you look very closely I am sure you will see it.

J's is pretty tops, it has a natty flip up feature on the front but I particularly like the drawing of us in the centre. 

Oh and Me, Sacha and Kung Fu panda below. My mother's day lavender bag is on the table behind me, next to the wipes. I am becoming such a nanna, a lavender bag gift was a perfect gift. It will go straight to me top drawer to scent my unfeasibly large knickers with 'eau de nanna'. Saucy!


D said...

they dig your arse.

One Flew Over said...

Too sweet!