Friday, November 20, 2009


I just googled my birthday and discovered that on the 20th November 1972 the Time Magazine cover showed Richard Nixon holding up the victory sign with the headline "Landslide, Prospects for the second term". 

A movie released that day was a British version of" Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" starring Michael Crawford, Peter Sellers and Dudley Moore. 

I think I was actually born into that story As the youngest of seven children, I definitely remember growing up with at least one white rabbit, definitely more than one Mad Hatter, endless packs of cards and being scolded by the Queen of Hearts and I am quite certain that my elder brothers often smoked stuff they shouldn't have in the 1970s. 

However I was not Alice.  My elder sister was known to have so vividly dream the 'Alice' scene where she grows and shrinks that she loudly and vocally re-enacted the whole thing in her sleep for our entertainment. She must have been Alice. 

The sleepy mouse might have been me. I wonder if Dudley Moore was the sleepy mouse? I would've wanted to be Peter Sellers but am definitely more Dudley Moore. 
I like that Richard Nixon and Alice in Wonderland were significant on my birthday. It reminds me that you can never be sure of what will happen next.


One Flew Over said...

Happy Birthday!!! x

Isis said...

happy birthday! i love alice in wonderland (who doesn't?) so how nice you have that connection
x isis

Kylie said...

How fabulous :) Happy Birthday!!! K x

Fer said...

Happy birthday!

Tania said...

Happy birthday lovely you! I hope you were showered with Mad Hattered tea party celebrations of the nicest kind (you got to eat the whole cake).