Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I just read Pottymouthmama's last post and the comments and I am riled and would like to add my voice.

Deep breath, commence diatribe - I was sitting around crafting with three other women on the weekend and we all described the bullying we experienced in high school, the heartbreak, the withdrawal, and tragically the acceptance. Worse still, I know that after experiencing bullying, and operating in a culture of bullying, as a young person, I was guilty of bullying behaviours myself. How shameful that is for me now.

My son is being bullied at school.
There are bullies in the workplace.
Bullies in families.
Bullies in cars.
Bullies in government.

What happened to Oz that easy going, laid back country? We are a nation that not only tolerates bullies but has the expectation of bullying. How many times have you heard people respond to bullying stories with - "Well, there is nothing you can do, there are always those kids/bosses/workmates out there like that. You just have to learn to get over it - Suck it up!"


Bullying is intolerable. Bullying will break your spirit and your heart whether you are the perpetrator or the victim. Bullying decimates your sense of self worth. Its time we all stood up and said "Enough!"

For all those with kid's being bullied, please complain until you feel that your child is safe at school. Stand fiercely by your child's side and say "This is not good enough!' Take your kid out of school until they can guaruntee that they are safe and supported. Small children do not have to suck it up. No one does.

That crap about it being character building is nonsense.
That line is how the bullies get away with it.
That line is the expression of our cultural tolerance of bullying.


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Loz and Dinny said...

Now that I am a mother the idea of any of my kids having to 'suck it up', as we did at school just fills me with absolute dread. I couldn't agree more - enough is indeed enough.