Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Christmas List

This morning, the Number 2 son woke 'at bonkers', as he likes to say, or 'nice and early' in ordinary folks' parlance. The lad had a mission: to write his Christmas wish list in July.

I know. You can never be too prepared for important things like the Christmas wants.

He kicked off his xmas prep with a short, philosophical discussion expressing his doubts about Santa's capacity to buy all the toys etc, with the usual 'Elf' theory being quickly disregarded, in favour of the radical 'no, I think he steals them' proposition. I suggested EBay, but he wasn't having it, in any case, he set to work.
This is the Christmas wish list of my six year old son so far:

A laptop
A mechanical cow
A pool
A dog
A painting

Ok, so apart from the mechanical cow (What? A mechanical cow?! Maybe he has ideas of becoming a rodeo cowboy or working in a western themed bar?) so far, the items are fairly predictable and suitably unlikely, although I am impressed he's added art acquisition onto his wish list. (A wee David Walsh in the making, perhaps? He is very good with numbers and also quite fond of the darker side of life.) But he goes on, and in amongst the typical boy stuff there were a couple of surprises.

Boxing gloves
Boxing bag
A staffroom
Wii games
Sky lander Giants computlab (ed. I'm not sure what language he is speaking here.)
Toy cutlery
Sponge bob
A house
A spiky hairdo machine
A green lantern ring
A chocolate factory.

A staffroom, eh? He might be onto something. Maybe we could get some domestic staff to go in it? I'll put them on my list.


Loz and Dinny said...

Gold! I'm with him on the chocolate factory!

Fer said...

Domestic staff + chocolate = heaven.

Isis said...

fuck yeah bring on the staff room

ally said...

I'd take Willy Wonka over David Walsh!!
Love this so much

Nettie's Blog said...

anything Chocolate would do me....