Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Despite some nasty coughs continuing to play havoc chez Smith and a very ordinary Father's day that saw the luthier and I take it in turns to retreat our sorry sick selves to the bed all day, this week has been full of rewards.

The sun came out.

The magnolia in our front yard is in full bloom.

The fairy magnolias we planted last year have finally blossomed.

Sacha made this awesome Father's day card complete with Dali-esque mo for the luthier.

And on Sunday morning I watched my 11 year old son gently and patiently brush his truculent 4 year old sister's wild mop of hair.


ally said...

Loving the sun
Hating the coughers (as the 3yo calls them)
Off to find fairy magnolias - how did I not know about these?

Isis said...

awesome mo bro

chrisartist said...

Hope your all feeling better.
Love the portrait!
I think I've seen fairy magnolia.
I must investigate- sounds interesting.