Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Great Things

Walking to Duck Reach on your own on a sunny Autumn morning.

Walking and listening to podcasts.

Finding art on a rusty door.

This speech made by David William on the Future of Creative Arts Education in Australian Universities.

This workshop given by Marcus Buckngham on Oprah. 


This podcast from ABC's Life Matters "The 91 Year Old Midwife'. 

The luthier's Camerata Obscura and their beautiful, sell out concert last Sunday. 

Trusting your instincts. 

Dad coming home from hospital yesterday.


Louise Allan said...

Hi Georgie,

I really enjoy reading your posts. I remember you as a young girl (probably around the age of your children now!) and it's lovely to read these snippets of Smith Family life. You are a gifted writer -- keep going!

Louise Allan.
(Geoff's sister)

ally said...

That last one is super great
And learning to trust your instincts is super important too
Never been to Duck Reach - on the lsit

Mrs Smith said...

Thanks Louise! How kind of you. I remember you too and your lovely family. Thank you so much for thd words of encouragement. I love writing and hope to do lots more, maybe even extend myself beyond the blog? Take care, G

Mrs Smith said...

The last one is the best. Duck Reach is a stunning walk and so close to town. The Gorge is such an amazing piece of heaven in Launceston.