Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Chillax Mamma!

Ok, ok! So I blew a fuse in last night's close-to-midnight ramblings. In the cold light of morning I realised that its only a small time management issue and that, I do know who Nicola Cerini is. Phew! I think I had a too-long-on-the island-and now-completely-out- of-touch-with-culture moment.

I have calmed since. I think I need a holiday. Not sure when that's going to happen , but if anyone else says Byron Bay to me, I am going to squeal. Hmmmm! Byron Bay - my dream holiday - two weeks of sun, surf, yoga and hippie food. Schweeeetah!

I decided to do something positive about my writing and rang the island's writer's centre. They are obviously very busy as I had to make an appointment to ring back in the morning. Hoping for tips on securing a literary agent. I love the word 'literary'. It makes me feel quite posh about my kiddie nonsense poems - the could become lit-er-at-ure. I like that idea.

I am very lucky. My friends and family are giving me loads of encouragement which I am soaking up like a sponge. I have never had friendships before that are so supportive - in words and actions. It is a wonderful thing.

It's grumpy hour here. And I must get back to it.


daniela said...

i was thinking about my pending holiday to BYRON BAY area tonight and (how was that?) ... actually no, I wasn't at all. I was actually looking in an old uni italian grammar book (Da Capp, ricordi?) and all they way through it are some smartie bottom comments from some one I know who OBVIOUSLY didn't like her grammar rules NEARLY as much as I did:
eg. Nullo modo uir, boring! F^^$*)ng grammar sux, I'm bored...ring a bell??Facciamo uno caldo appuntamento, Uir?

(jeeez louise: how did we pass those subjects??)

Mrs Davey said...

You go girl !!!!! Literary is quite a cool word AND you my love are definately cool enough to wear it! I am impressed with you taking the next step in getting your stuff out there.
ps it is kiddy genius poems god knows where the word nonsense popped in from!