Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Prende Ta Doleur

I don't have much to say today. I love my friends. I love my family. My life is sweet and slow. I am in full winter hibernation. The island sun came out today after covering us with a grey mist, bleak and cold for days. My life is dull in many ways,its certainly not filled with travel, grown up inner city style, fashionable clothes or lots of lovely things. But I have these three really amazing Smithy boys that blow me away every day.
  • The smallest Smith stood up by himself today.
  • The middle-sized Smith decided that girls can't play with cars. And when berated by his women's-studies-style feminist mother for his appalling sexist attitude said " But Mum, sometimes girls just make me tired." Sounds like his father.
  • The biggest Smith is snotty.
I am burning cds for a favourite friend, as I type. How very techno-whizzy of me. They are a far-too-belated gift for her 30th birthday and I hope she likes them. I wish I could give her something better - peace of mind, a bottle of fancy red wine and a packet of tim-tams, or a really beaufitul tea cup on a tray for her sole sipping pleasure. The intentions are grand but my means do not allow. Anyway, what greater gift than love, french film music ( it's frenchy, it's chic) and Kanye (she ain't messin' with no broke niggah)? I hope she loikes.

I do have something to talk about, something that is bothering me. I have a few friends, mostly women, who are high achievers in some area of their life - work, home, relationships, study, sport, craft, whatever and it sometimes makes me question my life so sweet and slow. I know I have been guilty of not putting enough pressure on myself, or giving myself enough credit to achieve big things. Now I see these people putting so much pressure on themsleves that their brains are short-circuiting and it worries me. I don't know where the balance lies, but I guess that is the point of life, to work it out.

One thing I do know is that we all are children, just like my baby, that I thought for at least one day, I was going to lose. Our existence is everything to the people who love us. We should all let ourselves feel like the most precious child in the world, just a little. It might help all that unnecessary crud that fills us up, fall away. I believe that in the end we are just spirit. Its the spirit we need to take care of.

Apologies if philosophical offends, but it does my spirit good.


daniela said...

I believe that in the end we are just spirit. Its the spirit we need to take care of.

YES>You're on the money.

Shannon said...

I know i know i know i know....I am an uncontrollable competetive whazzaname who cant slow down. Maybe I need some Tassie air? mmmmm.
Dont worry about me mrs smith, if I have a breakdown Ill just slip on the velours, moonwalk to my new CD (save the vino and timtams for a visit) and hang out with my sister!!

As for kanye, im excited about having that on high rotation in the car (my car will become one of those underlit bouncing cars omitting the dull thud of a bassline!!!

samantha said...

I love the comment that "girls make me tired". Sometimes my little 4 year old girl makes me tired too!! She gets annoyed because the boys a kinder "keep interrupting me"! they just won't listen - little bossy boots!!
Don't know if I can comment on the high achiever thing - a topic my head doctor and I are constantly discussing!!
And anything that makes Shannon moon walk must be a ripper of a present!!

daniela said...

re the mail you sent me 'bout the pic of the kiddies: i doooo love 'em they give me more than I could ever give them, little buggers - all of them. they PERPLEX my hard-arsed self, then ice me, like some kinda smooch- me-before-eating- cake (pink icing). Always yummy, in the end even if they make me frown sometimes. Little rita has been getting the frowns lately, AND givin' them. Funny how EVERY man I love (Uncle Speeder Man and Jimmy James) says that she is a chip off the old mumma block when she frowns like a bull. Frankly I don't understand how the whole world isn't frowning at that which rita and I frown at more often ...ho-hum ... (I still need a holli-bloody-day)

Joanne said...

Aah so wise Georgie.Glad you are so well - the answer to balance is the million dollar prize. I guess I should buy a ticket. If chics make Joshie tired now imagine whats in store for him!Priceless!

samantha said...

Hey Mrs Smith, maybe I can send you a sample of fabrics? just email me your address at
whizzme (at) bigpond (dot) net

Anonymous said...

High achieving is not all it's cracked up to be ...apparently - I wouldn't know personally but I read a book about it once ...well the first 4 chapters, anyway. ;o)

Don't get hood-winked by the selfish, existentialist, fool's-gold trip flogged by the flogging floggers. Just 'cause most of popular culture doesn't value the things held dear like rarin' chitluns, making a home and doing your best for your family - doesn't mean it isn't damned important to the future of us all. But I know how you feel.
Chin up G!