Thursday, April 19, 2007

First Day of School

Well. My little guy started childcare today at the tender age of 1 and a half. It was not a heart wrenching moment in which child was torn from his mother's anguished breast. We took him in said "We'll be back soon" and he continued to play without giving us a second glance.

Very clingy and dependent my sons. NOT.

So here I sit with some time to myself. Free time. I am using it wisely by sitting in the luthier's shop listening to him scrape wood, blogging and wondering whether I want a bagel with my english breakfast tea this morning. This activity very successfully puts off all the awful jobs I have to do like go home and wash up or go and get my blood test done. EEEEEEYEEEW!

So from now on I will have two mornings of GG time. Time all to myself. I will have to get a life of some description in order to fill up these precious 7 hours with fabulous GG fun.
Or just go home and do the washing up.

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