Monday, April 30, 2007

My guys and my guts

So here are the latest pics from our trip to visit Aunty D. She takes a beaut pic.
We had a lovely Anzac break in the south of the island. Aunty D spoiled us and happens to cook the finest lamb chops in christendom.

However we stayed an extra day. We wagged.

The luthier wagged his luthier-ing, J and hospital S both wagged school and I wagged my appointment.
"No big deal", I hear you say, "You can always make another hospital appointment". Unfortunately , on the island, things are not so easy. It will take 7 weeks for me to get another appointment at which point I will be more than halfway through my 'confinement'. Grouse! The island's antenatal clinic is obviouslyworking overtime to accommodate all the bogans having their 'plasma' babies .
Lucky I am not freaking out that nooone has checked that there is only one baby inside my rapidly growing gut. Just to be sure I am off to the gp for an ultrasound referal.

1 comment:

daniela said...

wasnt it a nice coupla days?
we loved it.
there are many more supa pics coming.

let us know how the ultra sound goes, ok?

might see you soon ... me thinks i'd best come north soon.

nothing to report here ... oh, other than we have reverted to plan A: move OS (get old barn, have babies and doo that doo), and I got an interview with Roar Films, in a few weeks ... no paid care for rita just yet, rosanna and her beaut fella came and went and now sassy is here. shall call you soon.