Monday, May 28, 2007

Little Lady

It's a girl!

I can't believe it.

The ultrasound was truly brilliant. Me and all the smith boys went in to see the new little sister in action. She is a very normal, and very active little lady. Yippee! The relief that no abnormalities were detected is huge, although traditionally my kids wait till they are born to manifest their unique and interesting illnesses.

Granny and I ran to the shops as soon as we found out the gender. I didn't go too crazy on the pink and flowery gear, but let's just say that their is now a smocked frock in the house.

Something weird happened that took me a little by surprise. We had only known the sex of the baby for two days and I experienced two separate occasions where people speculated on the baby's potential "figure". Not, will she look like you or Phil, or will she look like her brothers but what sort of "figure" she would have. I am gobsmacked and appalled. Is this all it boils down to for a chick. Whether she has a big arse, short legs, looks like a whippet?

Cut her some slack on the promotion of a fucked-up-body- image, ladies, she is not even born yet.


joanne said...

your little lady will be beautiful and most importantly healthy ( we all want that!) and who gives a shit what kind of figure she will have - with comments like that she can join my girls in rehab!!

Shannon said...


Im excited theres going to be a girl to get the Violet - Lola - Saffy - Sadie hand me downs...!!

d said...

... what?
what's she's gonna have?
like she's gonna have a puppy and have a muffin ...
... see? girls: starts early bearly, Lass.

(you're havin' a girl !!!)


samantha said...

excited for you and the boys - I bet she will be one looked after princess by her brothers.