Monday, May 07, 2007


No, I didn't take any photos on our minibreak with our beloved friends to the east coast of the island. I could attempt to describe the pristine white sand of the beach where we played and its aquamarine wasters. I could also attempt to describe the damp rainforest beauty of the waterfalls we took the children to see. Both were experiences of our beautiful island at its best.

However attempting to describe the decor of our budget accommodation is utterly out of the question. Words fail me. I'll just say that it was like how my husband describes the town we live in "It's shit but its cheap." And cheap is good.

The kids had a blast. The growns up were tired (as all parents of young'uns are) but, speaking at least for myself, were very happy to be in each other's company.

Here are some photos of the sites we saw that I have ... ahem, 'borrowed' from the internet.
It gives you an idea of the .... serenity.


joanne said...

I could hear Philly say those words!! Glad you all had a great time x

d said...

sing it sista.