Saturday, July 26, 2008

Team Smith

What a trooper!
My husband ran 10 kilometres in the freezing cold last Sunday morning in 55-ish minutes.
We were there to support of course.

Run Forrest, Run!

Apart from the sporting news, all is well. Bathroom is almost complete only towel rails to be put on.The room is so white and light I keep expecting to hear a choir of angels every time I open the door.

The kitchen is complete but for the splashback and our old kitchen is still in pieces in the backyard. One of Sacha's friends looked at the empty and rahter wrecked-looking space left where our kitchen used to be and declared that Sacha's house was broken. Sacha replied "Yes. Daddy broke it with a hammer."

Let's hope he can fix it.

Other than that we are cold but very pleased to see the return of 'So you think you can dance.'
We really do think we can dance.


shannon said...

Well hasnt he come full circle? next thing will be he'll be joining a mens netball team....

Sun Kyoung said...

He looked great!!!
I have to kick Sean also.

Sun Kyoung said...

Hi there
Please say hello to boys..Miss them
After i saw you and P's photo i think i have to kick Sean for excercise...He didn't exercise for a long time due to busy twin's daddy. You also look great!!!
Lots love.

From Swiss

joanne said...

lordy well done philly - I have just picked myself up off the floor