Saturday, July 12, 2008

Us Today

So here we are, as we are today, well some of us and Granny.

The luthier is at home screwing in our new kitchen. Not screwing up our new kitchen.

We are calling it the bitchen kitchen.

Renos have been the usual round of errant or absent tradesman, resulting in a promising but half-finished bathroom which equals a pain in my arse. And only one of the rought trade was a hottie! Sheesh!

The kitchen , however is bitchen.

What else is with us?

I have decided to ignore our financial position and carry on regardless. It seems to be working at the moment, so all plans of returning to work are delayed until further notice.

My husband went to the symphony orchestra to show off his handiwork on a new cello and was given muchos love, praise and appreciation by those who know.

Now he wants to move to where the musical action is.

Maybe we will.

It would be only fitting, to finally fix up the home and then leave it behind.

But we will see what the future holds.

Now I just need to get more than two consecutive hours sleep or I think I will lose my mind.
I have already misplaced several of my marbles.

I am reading Roald Dahl's autobiography and thinking " What a wonderful life!" He had real adventures as a young man in pre- and wartime Africa. It makes me realise that it made him such a wonderful writer. He learnt to survive on his own, he travelled and lived a really adventurous life.

I hope that many adventures lie ahead of me.

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Shannon said...

well youve got the pissing in a bucket adventure in september, small steps eh?