Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Media Ho!

Look at craft getting some press in the local rag (The Saturday Examiner July 11 2009 p35-37). I was just a tag-along to the real crafty ladies being interviewed - Mrs B, Eve Craft Princess, Little Jenny Wren, the Seworld ladies and Black-Eyed Susie

My crochet-in-progress has come up a treat in the pic, don't you think?  I am quite proud of it, even though it remains unfinished. You look beautiful, Mrs B.  and the vinyl is ace! 

Brown Owls Launceston is getting bigger by the day. I can feel the momentum growing and can't wait to get into it again. We opted for a late July meeting and it feels like its been a very long time between drinks, so to speak. Note to self - no more than 4 weeks between crafty meetings or withdrawal symptoms are likely. 

The luthier was on the radio last week and in the Saturday paper. 
Us Smith's are such media ho's.


Loz and Dinny said...

oo you come up all noice like in the press ... blanky action is go Mrs Smith

D said...

There's a place for hoin' it.
Nice work youz, all round.