Monday, July 20, 2009

Welcome to the Machine Age!

I am now a real woman! A sewing machine virgin no longer.  No more old skool hand sewing of, well, everything I make. I can jump on a Janome and whizz up a side seam with the best of them.

These two cushions in two hours. A Mrs Smith record.

Thanks for the intervention Mrs B and Eve Craft Princess! It's a brave new world that you have opened up to me now.  And thanks for finding the grouse tea towel Mrs B.  Thanks Aunty Shazza for the cookie pie. What an ace design!

I love the friendships I have developed through craft. 
Saturday afternoon  I sat in the beautiful home of Mrs B, as the divine ladies of the coven convened for our sewing machine session. There was a machine for each of us on the table amongst the scissors and off cuts, ribbon and that mustard fringe that we all think might have potential but no one quite knows what to do with it and a bowl of jaffas. We drank exotic tea that came, not contained in any common tea bag - but held inside an 'infusion pod' (I shit you not!) We shared much encouragement and learnin', swearing and laughing, sewing and admiring and whirring with ideas.  I sat in that warm kitchen on that wet afternoon feeling truly blessed.

Truly blessed. 


One Flew Over said...

Welcome to the land of the sewing machine!

shannon said...

I cant believe you waited so long until you used one, your crafting life has now turned the corner - welcome to the world of churning out!!

evelouise said...

oh our lovely Amish friend... you've been ex-communicated.