Friday, September 11, 2009


Dun, da da da, dun , dun,  dun, daaaah!

Tomorrow Mrs Smith will be making her market debut. Here are some of the wares she'll be peddling.  There will be loads of fabulous handmade stuff from all over the island. Red Bamboo's luscious candles, unguents and lotions will be set up with me.  G the Craft Star will be shining her light and many more. Come on down and say "Hi!".

These natty wristband pincushions are fashioned from vintage tea towels and some funky retro fabric.

A case of cushions but a sample of what will be on offer.

I am nervous and excited. Wish me luck!


Tania said...

Oh, the best of luck Mrs Smith. Hope and expect you to head home with a very light suitcase.

Kylie said...

Good luck with the markets - you'll do fabulously! I'm supremely envious that someone else will get to buy your wonderful cushions ;) Have fun. K

One Flew Over said...

Best of luck and ENJOY yourself!!!

Isis said...

you'll be fab! i'll try to drop by and say hi

x isis

Loz and Dinny said...

save me a natty pincushion, craft minx. Oh and that czech cushion. and can we sit next to each other and giggle and shit? You will be the fish, not the mock fish xx

beck said...

Hope you have a fabulous time at the market and make sure to take lots of photos! Will you pack a thermos so you can have a nice cup of tea? Have fun xo

shannon said...

good luck & have fun, wear your market face!

which, by the way, mine is all smiley. yep you read it SMILEY!

Isis said...

hey georgia, i stopped by the market this morning but your weren't at your table, must have just missed you. anyway your items looked great and that's the most important thing, hope you had fun

x isis