Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Warmer days

The sun has started to make brief appearances over the island. The rain has ceased to be an everyday occurrence. Don't the warmer days make a difference to your psyche?

Bring on those long summer days. It's school hols on the island and so much more fun is had if the sun is out.

Today we ventured out for a visit to Granny's and a play in the park. After that we were happy to come home and relax for the arvo.  While the sun shone, la principessa slept and the lads entertained themselves, the crafting spirit took me and these cushions were the result. 
I turned a watermelon pink op shop jumper into this 

and then a lovely Aunty Shazza panel into this, backed with a choice bit of stripey action purchased at Meet Me at Mike's when last in the big smoke

Now I have to explain to the luthier why he will come home and there is no dinner on the go. Do you reckon he'll go for "I was possessed by the crafting goddess?"  


Lulu said...

A jumper would make a lovely soft cushion. Good idea. And ready made buttons!

One Flew Over said...

That is some seriously good re-fashioning. I'm with you all the way re: weather and psyche x

Tania said...

Surely the Luthier 'gets it' by now? Besides he can sit back and relax into all that cushiony goodness after he's had his eggs on toast for dinner.

Isis said...

love the re-purposed jumper cushion, you are the cushion queen aren't you?!

x isis

Gillian said...

Go go go G!

Wow you are in a good space there hey?

The Flinders Is cushion just kills me!


Black Eyed Susie said...

Dinner is overrated in my view! So bummed to miss seeing you and Mrs B. Was going to drag my treasured tea towel out for your professional opinion.

mrs smith said...

Isis, I know, the cushion-making is starting to get a little tired. I made a bag last night but forgot to take a pic before gifting it. I shouold have blogged it to prove that I do makef things other than soft furnishings!


Loz and Dinny said...

I am gasping with jealousy over the watermelon repurposed, upcycled, recycled eco goody. I can rectify the photie of bag - already had three comments ... the Mr's was 'Aaaah, now what have we here..." He thought it was so Ace and then started to well up over how much he missed Edinburgh - craft that touches folks ... you know it Mrs Smith xx