Monday, January 16, 2012


I went to Melbourne last week for not one, but, count 'em, two nights sans Smiths. Wooh!

My traveling companion was not a small child or a bearded luthier, not that there is anything wrong with that, but a true friend of the utmost aceness. I knew she was the perfect travel companion when she suggested 'a cheeky G & T' on the plane trip off the island. Being a very unseasoned drinker, I didn't finish mine off so kept finding a small, half empty bottle of gin in my handbag all weekend.

This mummy's escape was enabled by my appointment on Friday morning to become British. Tip top! Or top hole, if you will. (Another step in in keeping the dream of running away to France alive) I know, it was a bit odd but surprisingly informal and a bit of a laugh. I had to stand and say the oath before the Vice Consul and barely controlled my urge to recite it in my best Queen Elizabeth 'my husband and I' style, despite encouraging giggles from my travel companion. It was quite fitting, I thought to become British with a wee bottle of Gordon's gin in my handbag.

The escape was superb. I spent time with women of beauty, gusto, all with a gift for the crude. My favourite kind of lady!

The rest of the time was spent something like this
Churros and coffee at South Melbourne Market
French Champagne
Prawn and Sage Gnocchi, made for us by our generous hostess
Brunettis for vanilla Panzerotti
Ti Amo for the most delicious tortellini in brodo
Nougat icecream with a layer of Nutella (oh - my - lord!) finished with a palette cleansing scoop of lemon for my friend,
Delicious fizzy Italian red on mint and ice at The Transport Bar
Szechuan Chicken, crispy chilli and honey prawns, chilli squid, Chinese broccoli and shiitake mushrooms and more at The Supper Inn
Wagyu burger at Cafe Vue at Heide.

It looks wrong when I list it out like that, but it was good.
Sigh! Food, walking, art, laughs, a bed all to myself. It was all so good.

Home to airport tantrum, house a disgrace and lots of love.

Have to think of a new, unusual excuse for a mummy's escape. There must be something I need to do in Sydney?


Loz and Dinny said...

pip pip... hurrah!

Kirsty said...

Sensational! Glad you had such a great time.

Fer said...

Jolly good! Tally ho and all that!

Isis said...

sounds delicious. maybe you could become some other nationality next time?