Saturday, August 27, 2011

Simple Weekend Plan

Right, then. So, I've made a plan.

What I am going to do today is get up, go out, attend compulsory Disney princess-themed kid's party (shudder), buy lotto ticket, come home, clean up while kids wallow in screen world for far longer than is good for them. This evening we will head to the Junc room to listen to 'da hip hop' and shake our communal Smith groove thang and after that I will return chez nous to discover we have indeed won an obnoxious amount of filthy lucre in the lotto.

Tomorrow we will pack up and by the afternoon we will be in a warm tropical place, in a resort replete with kid's club, morning yoga and every nutritious and delicious meal and whim catered for, planning our move to France.

Ok? Great.

P.S I told you I wasn't very good at this contentment business.


Ames and Tash said...

sounds like a good plan. fingers crossed for the lotto :)

Anonymous said...

Will you take me along with you when you win?

I had similar sounding plan - substituting Disney party for Fairy school and never even thinking about the lotto.

And then Lu got sick. And then Al. So I'm about 4 hours away from it hitting me.


So maybe not such a good idea to take me with you.

Enjoy your groove thang.


Lila said...

Contentment is not easy I'm pretty sure that a lotto win would help it along its way.

Loz and Dinny said...

Easy. Done. Jolly good then.

Fer said...

Sounds like a damn fine plan!