Wednesday, March 29, 2006

op shoppin'

How much do I love the op shop. I know I am mixing my styles/periods (whatever!) outrageously here, but the colours were too good to go passed. Op shop on I say!!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

A thousand origami cranes

My boys are blessed with an uncle and aunt in Kitakyushu, Japan who never fail to send the most wondrous gifts for each birthday and Christmas. The remote control car, the coolest jumper ever and the most generous gift of all - the time and love it took to make and send to us the first 100 of a thousand origami cranes to help make the bubba well. (J calls it oralgami.)

My smiling bubba is recovering from neuroblastoma ( stage IVs) He was born with cancer - (what a start!) but the only type of cancer which goes away on its own. Who would have thought that were possible.

So, while we wait for our bubba to get completely well, Juri folded cranes, friends, family and complete strangers helped, prayed, worried and hoped.
For their time, thoughts, and help we are utterly grateful.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


This is the cowboy quilt- nearly finished.


Here's my beautiful smiling bubba! Getting better every day. His first tooth is breaking through and he can sit up on his own. He eats , he sleeps, he smiles. What a great little guy!

Birthday Boy

Well, the party went fabulously. Just J and 11 of his closest friends. Beautiful bunch of kids from school and his old childcare buddies. Presents were over the top as always - a soccer goal and a green-machine style bike from us as well as the compulsory set of Spiderman knickers, loads of loot form the family and friends. Presents are still arriving (a remote control car from Japan and a and more expected at the end of the week. We may need to extend the house to accommodate the sheer mass of plastic in the form of cars and action figures that have been received.

J was king of the table with his two girls on either side. He told me that the girls had to sit next to him 'cos it was his birthday. Fair enough!

The kids went mad in the backyard for a couple of hours, got well-sugared up and were sent home for their parents to deal with the comedown.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


So this is blogland!
Can't wait to upload and unload.

See the J in yoga mode.