Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beauty of the Island

My mother, always a woman of impeccable taste and refinement, bought me a card featuring this print "Mount Wellington' by Mandy Reynard. An artist on the island creating portraits of geographical features and beloved spots of the island as 17th Century woman.

It is divine. Go to Handmark Gallery if you fancy a look at the rest of her available work. My favourites are Bless, and of course "The Delicate Workings of Smith".

Speaking of beauty my number two son informed me with great authority the other day that milk is gotten by farmers who squeeze it from cow's milk bottoms. Yum!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mrs Smith in Action

Can I just tell you how proud of myself I am at this moment?
It has taken me  a couple of hours and many preparatory explorations and misadventures, but I have succeeded in creating a web site (one page, but a web site nonetheless) for the beloved luthier and have succeeded in fighting the ftp complexities and actually published it to the world wide web.

Its not flash (web publishing witty play on words there). Its not even that impressive, but for me its a milestone.

This week I did my last day of working for the man and now I am working for my man.

I can always be counted on to wax lyrical in encouraging friends to follow their hearts , their passions. "Life is too short to work in jobs that you hate, dealing with arseholes and, worst of all, having to care about things that you really don't care about." you will hear me cry in impassioned entreaty whenever the opportunity arrives. Well, I am putting my money where my mouth is. I have walked out on the world of secure jobs and good conditions, to ride the rollercoaster of our business by my husband's side.
I am so happy.   
Now I just have to make it pay.

By the way, 36 today. 
Don't look a day over ....