Thursday, August 19, 2010

There is life in the ol'town yet

Who says there is nothing to do in this one-horse town? Next week she is going to heat up to steaming point and her whistle is going to blow! This ol' town is the site for the Junction 2010 Regional Arts conference and the city is coming alive with the arts.

Niche All Wrapped up market will be superb over, not one, but two locations this time. Loz and Dinny (Mrs Burns you are a new-mother-of-three marvel!) and the wondrous Black Eyed Susie will be peddling their wares, amongst many other unreal hand makers about town.

I am lucky enough to have been providing the Stompin' cats with a little admin help in preparation for their wicked "WeTube Live" extravaganza show. Don't miss it! Next Thursday and Friday at 1 and 6pm at the Albert Hall.

There is graffiti knitting, shop window performances, public gatherings and the Junc Room in Civic Square is bringing us the gift of Barry Morgan and his world of organs.

Get down here mainlanders! For the next week we are artsy and HOT! (After that I can't guarantee much more than some fine food and a lovely walk, if its not raining!)

Islanders, no more complaints that there is nothing to do. We have one week of entertainment overload. Soak it up!

** All photos have been unceremoniously ripped off the Junction 2010 site but I hope they don't mind as I am advertising their stuff shamelessly. If they do, someone let me know and I shall remove them forthwith.

Monday, August 16, 2010

By hook

Mrs Smith has experienced a long post-adventure malaise. There has been a very long crafting hiatus but I am clawing my way back with a little help from my crochet hook.

There has been much going on chez Smith. The mission list went up on the fridge and so it is written, so it shall be done. The luthier found the DIY god within and rooms have been painted, furniture has been moved, boxes have been ticked. Our Antique White USA has been replaced with Orange Flame in one room and Lead in the other. Rooms have changed jobs and now the J is installed in his own 'pad' and we have more living space. Its a revolution! We have entertained on no less than 3 separate occasions since the rearrangement, with enough room for grown ups and children and all. Making space for great people makes me very happy.

And I made this Orange and Rhubarb Upside down cake and I recommend it for your repertoire. It is bloody delicious!

The luthier turned 40 and great friends joined us for dinner at Black Cow. Grown up and Lush! Cape Grim beef and Holm Oak pinot followed by the ubiquitous and delicious chocolate fondant. The evening proffered great company and conversation. In fact, I learnt that ombudsman and smorgasbord are the only two Swedish words in common English usage! Fun and educational! Life on the Island is good.

So what now?
As my previous post may have foreshadowed, on return from our travels, I determined that my days as a full-time stay-at-home mum were numbered. 7 weeks of 24-7 with the little whatsits had done me in. The little lady was off to childcare. and I couldn't wait. Except for one small problem ... the good child care centres have no places and the others aren't good. We went to check one out, but the sea of snot-covered faces pressed up to glass doors and the frightening proximity of the tiny toilets to their dining tables, left me a little nonplussed.

So here we are. The Smith ladies together. All day. Every day.

I have resigned myself to it, almost. She can go when she is three and the early learning choices are a little more palatable. I can't say I am not disappointed. For a few minutes I had the whiff of freedom ( you know, that free-for-two-days-a-week-between-the-hours-of-9-and-2.30 kind of freedom) in my nostrils, and I liked what I sniffed.

For now though, I'll jump into these last months as a full-time homemaker with both feet, but I am keeping my eyes on the future.
Mrs Smith has plans.