Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Me at work.
The luthier on all school runs plus Mummy pick ups not to mention the small matter of a luthier-y to run.

Three kids at a school with a heavy schedule.
Drama, orchestra. cello, ballet, cricket.
Orchestra and French for me and the luthier.
Not to mention the endless dinners and those gosh-darned Lunchboxes ... peeeyerf!

Squeezing in some friends and fun or we will go crazy.

Phil declared yesterday that he doesn't have time to scratch his nuts.
I said "Yes you do, scratching time is between 6.30am and 6.35am.'
He protested "But that's farting time."
And I told him that some elements of our schedule will just have to be combined or we'll never get everything done.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Hiding out

I am hiding.
It's true.

I said to my daughter and husband 20 minutes ago
'You go, I'll be down in a minute!'
I lied.
Bather-clad, they took their towels and trotted down to my brother's pool to swim with the cousins.

So here I am, a grown woman, hiding from my children in my nephew's bedroom, listening to the splashes and calls of children at play in a pool without me.

I tried to legitimize my hidings by googling, healthy lunch box ideas - see its really for them that I have retreated?
But screw that, I need alone time and quiet.

For me.

Have been reading about mother's guilt and it grates on my nerves.
Never was there a bigger waste of emotion than mother's guilt.
We do want we want, need, have to do. And if you don't like the way its going then change what you can. .
Our kids are ok.
Childhood/motherhood was never perfect.
How could we have idealized it so inappropriately to all of our detriment?

I'm taking five more minutes, before jumping in the pool.
In my experience, it pays to give yourself time out, before jumping in to the thick of it.