Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fringe, sounds almost exactly like ...

The Craft Star's mustard fringe challenge and I managed a lampshade.  The glue is still all over my fingers, but at least the shade itself didn't end up adhered to my personage. It's finished and this baby is going 'straight to the pool room'.

I often read blogs that are quite profound and insightful, or are simply beautiful, or describe a life or display a talent that us mortals could only dream of, and all I can think to say about this is that 'fringe' rhymes with one of my favourite rude words.

Mrs Smith you are  neither funny nor sophisticated.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Whose da man!

Yesterday, my J told me:

" Mum, Dad may be A man, but you are THE man."

What can I say? The kid is insightful beyond his years.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

NOT a cushion

Mrs Smith branches out ... the Brisvegas tote bag. Denim and natty op shop bought blue stripey innards.  What fun!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Warmer days

The sun has started to make brief appearances over the island. The rain has ceased to be an everyday occurrence. Don't the warmer days make a difference to your psyche?

Bring on those long summer days. It's school hols on the island and so much more fun is had if the sun is out.

Today we ventured out for a visit to Granny's and a play in the park. After that we were happy to come home and relax for the arvo.  While the sun shone, la principessa slept and the lads entertained themselves, the crafting spirit took me and these cushions were the result. 
I turned a watermelon pink op shop jumper into this 

and then a lovely Aunty Shazza panel into this, backed with a choice bit of stripey action purchased at Meet Me at Mike's when last in the big smoke

Now I have to explain to the luthier why he will come home and there is no dinner on the go. Do you reckon he'll go for "I was possessed by the crafting goddess?"  

Sunday, September 13, 2009


My J made this sign for my market stall. What a doll!

To market

What a grand day out!
There was much laughter and gas-baggery with the lovely-scented Annie and the Craft Star and lots of friends came to visit and hang about. I met a few lovely people and fondled some great handmade treasures.

Mrs Smith even sold a few things and not only to blood relatives! (Thanks Mum!) Lovely darts!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Dun, da da da, dun , dun,  dun, daaaah!

Tomorrow Mrs Smith will be making her market debut. Here are some of the wares she'll be peddling.  There will be loads of fabulous handmade stuff from all over the island. Red Bamboo's luscious candles, unguents and lotions will be set up with me.  G the Craft Star will be shining her light and many more. Come on down and say "Hi!".

These natty wristband pincushions are fashioned from vintage tea towels and some funky retro fabric.

A case of cushions but a sample of what will be on offer.

I am nervous and excited. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Spring and Cake

It finally feels like Spring on the island. The depressingly, endless grey and rain has cleared and the sun  is out. Even these droopy  daffs are making me smile.

And Grimace was made cake. (Apologies for the upside down photo.) 

Sunday, September 06, 2009

This kid is my kind of kid ...

My second son is 4 today. 4!  Can you believe it?

This morning the luthier wished him happy birthday and said: "I can't believe you made it to 4." It was exactly what I was thinking. He has survived so many things including the infamous rat incident without conracting the bubonic plague or drinking foetid water from a fountain without contracting cholera or something similar.  He has survived these and a thousand other potentially mortal activities including shoving so much food in his mouth he has nearly choked countless times and having tantrums so impressive I thought his head might actually explode and busting my onions so badly that I considered strangling him myself. Sacha is a blessed survivor. 

He had to be induced into the world, my second son, and his birth story was suitably dramatic - in a B-grade shlock horror style rather than a life-threatening way . However when he was 6 weeks old we had a few truly scary moments where we didn't think he would make it to 1. He had cancer that eventually went into spontaneous remission without treatment. An experience which makes me hug him just that little bit tighter, especially on his birthday.

On his second birthday he declared " I am 2 now Mummy, and 2 is enough." 
"Perhaps enough biscuits", I thought "but not nearly enough birthdays."

I find it hard to describe my little lad. He sees the world and approaches the adventure of life in his own unique, independent and strong way. When in Melbourne earlier this year Sacha talked his Aunt into taking him on a 7 stop train journey, just for the hell of it. By chance, they ended up in Balaclava where they alighted for nothing less than a Bacon bagel right in the heart of the bagel belt. A bacon bagel! - for some reason this kind of sums the boy up for me - he's quietly ready for adventure and always comes back with something unexpected.  He looks at the world sideways. 

And now he is 4 and a constant, amazing, extraordinary surprise and  joy.
Life is good.

Happy Birthday Sacha!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

C is also for Cushion, that's good enough for me!

I made this cushion this afternoon while my poorly, wee daughter slept.(She has mouth ulcers and is teething. Poor little love.)

The cushion is made from an old linen tea towel with a cord panel on the front and some beautiful cotton found in an op-shop on the back. It's big, fruity and light. This baby is going to be part of my stock for the inaugural Mrs Smith stall at the Civic Homespun Market on the 12th September. I am sharing a stall with the wonderful Annie from Red Bamboo and her beautiful candles and unguents. Come and see us and say " Hi!", if you are in town. Loz and Dinny will be there too. It'll be a hoot!

And this is the view from my bedroom window today. I do so love the magnolias.

Oh ... and we have sorted out some cash for the family trip to France. No departure date confirmed yet, but we are getting there.