Wednesday, February 11, 2009


What a summer it's been! 
Cold then hot, then so hot - disaster! Terrible, tragic disaster.

We are lucky ones. For us its been healthy, happy summer, full of family, family, family. 
Some family pics can be seen here. We met the 3 newest members of the crew, who are all equally beautiful. We had a wedding with a Fijian lovo, a wedding celebration, wedding anniversaires - 20th and 50th - much love was in the air. 

It's been a grand, old fashioned summer holiday. Complete with a trip to Ulverstone for strings camp. It was held at the same place where I went on Year 12 retreat, a christian camp on the beach. My New Year's resolution to drink more was curbed considerably by the teetotalling rules of the christian camp, however, between the beautiful music, the trampolines, beach, flying fox, perfect weather and all meals provided (includinga new one for  J which quickly became his favourite - supper) the camp provided something to please everyone.

Back to school and back to work for everyone today. It took me over an hour to distribute my children to their various schools/sitters this morning before I could come to work in the shop. Sigh ... not that I am complaining, the luthier and I are getting some work done.

Take a look at the luthier's site. It's in draft form at the moment as I am seeking constructive criticism , which I have received in handfuls from a very generous group of family and friends, to whom I am extremely grateful. The new, final and much improved version will be up soon.