Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Holiday Blue

Staring into the windy world and wishing I was somewhere warm.
Easter was fun. Family, food and origami competitions. Roast lamb, crunchy roast potatoes and chocolate mousse cakes andloads of little chocolatey treats. Next day roast lamb became shepherd's pie. Doesn't get much better than that!
Snaps (of the family not the food) are on flickr.

Love the photos and words on Aunty Cookie. Reminds me of a too much fun had on a pre-kids camping trip.
Looking forward to photos from planetpun. Misspolly- planetpun- you have outdone yourself again. (Although there is always a chance that only I will find it amusing.)

Not sure what this week holds for us - soccer practice, first soccer game, day trip to the xmas island capital. Not sure what else.


shannon said...

Pre kids camping? Im afraid to say I like it better now, I dont have to pretend to like drinking beer at the pub watching boys play pool. I can loiter about in my moccies and nap in the arvo!!

You were missed at Port Poochie, no boggle-offs and no frankfurters. Your Easter looks nice, and is your mum about to turn 21?? She is looking abit hot these days...? (for a granny that is...)

jorth said...

Chocolate mousse cakes? Mmmmmmm!