Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Room of Mum's Own

I am trying to get some work done at home ... hmmmmm....
J is running around half-nude post-shower, jumping out from behind things and yelling out "WOMBAAAT!" at the bubba. The bubba is banging around amidst the toys, mostly ignoring J but letting out the occasional cry of annoyance. The luthier sits on the couch watching some "current affairs" show with its constant range of generic stories - the unemployed youth, the people with the house chock full of rubbish, or the shameless promotion of some product - tonight its a pillow promotion under the guise of a snoring/sleeping story. Add to the cacophany the whirrings and sloshings of the dishwasher, washing machine and heat pump.
No wonder I can't get much work done.

I've just read Virginia Woolf's A Room of one's own for book group. In it, she talks about women not being able to write as they never had the freedom of a room of their own.
I know exactly what she means.


Mrs Davey said...

wouldnt life be great with a room of our own.....

Shannon said...

Change the locks and oila! House of your own!

miotto + brown said...

i finally have a room of my own; been tugging at THAT chestnut for a long time. Interestingly, I've noticed, that even with your own room, it's hard to use/enter and stay in with the same single mindedness as the 'den user' because it has been conditioned out of me to 'need' my own room. I need it. I know it. Now I have it. NOW i gotta deprogramme centuries of learning that told me to 'get busy' elsewhere in la casa(ie, the laundry, the kitchen....blah blah).

Did you like the Shakespear's Sister story?? This book gears me. I dig the hell out of it. It should be compulsary reading at birth for all woman-childs.

I like the lounge room all that new way around.