Monday, October 23, 2006


There are big plans afoot in the Smith household. Moving plans, renovating plans. The luthier is thinking of converting the garage into his workshop and bringing his work home. I like the idea of it, a lot. It fits in with my new philosophies of life - that work should not be so far removed from family, that if two parents are present then they share responsibility for home, family, childcare and livelihood.

We also plan to create me a beautiful office/craft space. Man, is it going to be girlie! I'm talking wallpaper, perhaps a screen, flowers, matching stationery, the worksburger - all in raspberry and teale.

A room of my own, in which I'll be working for dear friends, listening to my sleeping baby in the next room, with a view of my husband in the workshop crafting beautiful looking and sounding things. Bliss!


Gillian said...

sounds so good g, loving the raspberry and teale, edible workspace. . .

plans plans, I'd forgotten how exciting they are. . .where HAVE I been?!


joanne said...

coooolllliiioooo that sounds fantastic!!

daniela said...

noice work Mrs Smith.
love and kisses,
The Godmother of Soul

Kirsty said...

New work space sounds great!!! we are planning one too and I was getting all excited till there was a drought and all!!! One day. We have started on the ensuite so theres no turning back there.
Little fella's lovely. I don't know about you but I get the clucks on when I look at their baby photos!!!!