Saturday, December 16, 2006


Yay! I've been tagged. Nothing I like better than talking about myself.

4 jobs i have had

1. Myer Miss Shop Chick
2. Stocktaker
3. Babysitter
4. Telemarketer

4 Movies I could watch over and over

1. Love Actually
2. Pride and Prejudice ( ok its a bbc series but its going on the list)
3. mon oncle
4. anything by Pixar ( cos I have to - although I am digging cars big time, and the incredibles is a classic, nemo, monsters inc etc.....)

4 places I have lived apart from where I live now

1. Hobart
2. Elwood
3. Perth
4. cheltenham

4 tv shows that I love

1. Oprah
2. Dr Phil
3. anything with Jamie Oliver's face in it
4. Oprah

4 places I have been on hols

1. Coles Bay - my favourite place on earth
2. Greece
3. France
4. England

( and don't get too excited the last three were when I was 15 and I have barely left the island ever since)

4 websites I visit daily

( i don't visit any daily, but these are my most frequent)

1. my bank
2. yahoo
3. aunty cookie
4. lingofranko

4 favourite foods

1. slow cooked lamb
2. surprise freddos
3. cake ( most cake)
4. anything anyone else cooks for me

4 places i would rather be at

1. any beach, sipping a fruity cocktail with my husband, paddling my feet in the water, the soft warm breeze blowing on my face, with my happy,worn out children sleeping somewhere safe and nearby
2. a room with a more ergonomic chair - my back is killing me
3. out with friends in Melbourne preparing for a night of dinner and dancing
4. talking to my beautiful Flitty and finding out all about her life and all her kids

4 people I am tagging

mummy danlella
the flyleaf

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shannon said...

Id rather you be here so we can eat all fancy like and dance away to Kanye! How ideal....instead we are shacked up to country winners wathcing them leave dents in the couch with their asses.