Monday, April 23, 2007

Mother Helps

This morning I went into J's school for my first ever effort as mother's help. Very interesting it was too. I lead a reading group, the 'high flyers' , one of which was, of course, my son. It blew me away. J could only read his name a few months ago and now those kids are cooking with gas. I had to move through the activities bloody quickly to keep them from getting bored because it was too easy. Very impressive. The good old state education system seems to be coming up trumps. Thank goodness!

However, I do think there should be a law against parents making up there own novelty names for their kids. J's class is full of such a strange assortment of name concoctions - Jyron, Tynelle, Arlia, Saber? Bizarre.

We have no firm idea about names for smith baby number 3. All suggestions gratefully received.
Except any from the list above.


daniela said...

rita suggests: Poo-Poo Bum-Bum

Anonymous said...

Mark or Sparky are good'uns!