Monday, August 06, 2007

Names Names Names

Still struggling with the luthier to reach a resolution on the baby girl's name.
He wants to call her Bubbles.
Bubbles Smith. Sounds like a lap dancer.

Actually he has been quite keen on the burlesque names - Fifi, Gigi etc.

I still like Noa.


Cosy said...

I like 'em all! Good chance she'll be the only Bubbles/Fifi/Gigi/Noa in her class and no prob with the spelling. Good luck!

d said...

i like Mimi too.
has he piped up with that golden oldie.
Mimi Noa Smith?

Sean said...

Hi George
I can give you a few eliminations. Hong Kong Classics like Pinky, Money, Cooty, Winnie, Candy, Donna, Tippy...who would call their child Tippy ??

Nuff said