Monday, September 10, 2007

Two Ain't Enough

My little guy turned two. Yippee.
I said to him in the morning " Baby, you are two years old!"
and he said to me "Yeh, two is enough."
I think this is much more true of biscuits than birthdays.
Two birthdays ain't even close to enough.
The luthier outdid himself with the Sean the Sheep cake. It went over a treat.

Also a photo of our changing family. We love Sun Kyeong (Aunty Sunny)



Anonymous said...

everyone is growing up too fast - better come home soon from the land of the dolphins

my poppet said...

love the wool on the sheep, is that Persian Fairy floss?
By the way I've tagged you in this blog tagging game going around- read my blog for the rules and have fun...

Kim said...

Our second littlest is two next month. While I am SO impressed with the Shaun the Sheep cake (it is one of our favourite shows in this house) I'm afraid if I don't produce a Thomas cake all manner of wailing and gnashing of teeth could ensue.

Cosy said...

The Shaun the Sheep cake is a triumph! We're a big STS household too.

Sun Kyoung said...

Hi there

Thanks for g photo, i was really gald to see u and other family. Specially Sean's dad & Mom, your lovely two boys. Please say to them, i love them.