Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Gertie!

Yes, one year ago today I was carting around one impressive preggers belly and being all nervy about the caesarian that was to come the next day. 
One year ago tomorrow I had my last child. 

Buongiorno Principessa!

Facts about la principessa:

Also known as - Gertie. Soapie. Sophie Doo. Gertimus Prime.

She is a little beauty. 
Great eater. 
Sleeps like a log ( as long as she is in our bed.)
Survived her operation at 3 weeks old and never looked back. 
She is big. (I think she will be taller than me when she's 10. Not all that hard - granted.)
Her wardrobe is impressive and extensive.( But that is more about me than her) 
She has side curls that make her look like a character from a Dr Suess film. 
She dances and sings.
She is a bling fanatic.

I like her .... a lot.
La mia bella principessa.
And when she thinks people or things are cool she says 'oooooooooooooooooo' like this


Shannon said...

jeeez? that went abit fast. Gifts are a comin'....

D said...


Loz and Dinny said...

God I love that face - I hope she keeps it - would make your boss melt if you stuffed up at work! BY the way - I am about to tag you in my blog - hope you don't mind!

joanne said...

far out that did go fast - love to you sophie from the davey clan xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Please post more photos cause I wont get to see her until I am wearing a nosering and a bindi, complaining of being saddle sore from my last camel ride.

Tania said...

Enjoying the family stuff - don't go all the way over to the craft world!