Thursday, October 08, 2009


For a little while I thought I'd lost something this week.

I was heartbroken.

It is something pretty precious and rare. Not the sort of thing you want to go missing. It's one of those things that you don't see every day, in fact, it's not even close by all the time, but it's vitally important to me and to most people I know that it is not..., well,... lost.

And just when I started to think that it might gone forever, it came back.

Oh, my heart ...

We found it. It's a little beaten and broken up, but its found and that's all that matters.

Hold that which you love dear and close.
Don't wait till something is lost to realise how much you loved it.
And to all those that I know and love, please never doubt that your very existence blesses me and everyone around you.

For if you were to be lost, we would all be heartbroken.


Kylie said...

I'm so glad you found your lost item again, Mrs Smith. I was holding my breath reading through this, hoping it was good news at the end. I think we'll all breathe easier now! ;) You're very right about cherishing the things that matter :) K

Kylie said...

Oops, pressed the wrong button... I meant to add a thank you for such a beautiful post. I think we all need reminding every so often... distractions happen so easily. K

beck said...

Whatever it was that was lost I am so happy for you that it has been found. It sounds like it's been a big thing for you, and maybe your family too. Hang on tight! xo

Loz and Dinny said...

you have made me weep - just went to give Dunc a squeeze and now heading to tuck the wee one in tighter ... big love to you sister xxx so glad it was found xxx

Tania said...

How do you type a slow, quiet exhale? Your post makes my stomach lurch and my throat tighten. I am so, so glad that you found your lost.

evelouise said...

so pleased g, what a relief xxx

Gina said...

Don't really have words to reply... xxx

kris said...

I'm thinking of you and yours,


D said...

When I read you post I felt two things. One was relief for you that what was lost has now been found. Thank goodness. The second feeling was numbness, distance, a chill. I clearly STILL can't believe that what I lost didn't come back.

The fear we have when we think that something precious may have gone is real and kind of like loss; the door of loss maybe.

What you felt and feel was and is very real indeed because we all know somewhere inside that the blow of loss can leave us unfathomably and indefinitely numb, distant, chilly and lost. It's to be feared with good reason. Loss causes loss.

You've stood at the door a few times now. And here's cheers to the blessings that stop you from entering the chill.

You're right. Heartbreak.

willywagtail said...

I'm glad it came back. Cherrie