Monday, May 24, 2010

Falling in Blog again. Never wanted to. What am I to do? Can't help it...

Bonsoir mes amis,

So here I am, back again. How could I stay away?

Fresh off the plane from la belle France. What a trip! What a country! Vive la France!
What can I say about France and travel that hasn't been said a million times. France gave me everything I hoped it would and more. Beautiful scenery, flea markets, nutella crepes, generous and friendly people, language. Yep we dug it, train strikes, volcanic clouds, sunshine, rain, butterflies, squirrels, toll roads, shopping, Paris and traffic and all.

This trip gave me a rare and treasured opportunity for a girl who has never travelled as an adult, let alone as a mother and wife. The opportunity to stand alone with my family in my very own shoes. To face myself, my strengths, my demons and doubts and to stare them hard in the face. No one else to praise. No one else to affirm. No one else to blame. No one else to lean on. Just us. It was hard, in parts. It was joyful, in moments. It was self determination at its best. I liked it. We messed it up. We managed it. We made it.

The luthier made a very fine bow. In true French style he fell in love with the profession and its incredible, warm and passionate protagonists in France. He experienced the generosity of a wide open door, the firm shake of a hand or two kisses on the cheek and a "Yes, come in, take all the time, and help that you need, and lets have Jambon Bayonne and a nice Bordeaux for lunch."

Here are the first pics.


Here we were hosted with generosity and patience in our anxious new-traveller, jet-lagged state by my brother and sister-in-law in Singapore ex-pat style. I wish I had taken a photo of us luxuriating in their lavish pool.

Cousin Samuel

Aunty Sunny's plaits

J and Soph eating the most outrageously expensive ice cream in the world in Viva shopping centre in Singers. Hope you liked it kids 'cos that's the last Haagen Daas you'll be having in a loooong time.

Paris Day 1 and 2

Tour Eiffel

Notre Dame - from the side. We actually saw it mostly from the playground with the deadly beelzebub spinning toy at the rear, whilst indulging in our first of many nutella crepes.

View Pompidou and Hip Hop-idou?

Sophie's first Parisian baguette shopping trip. Views taken from our apartment window in the Marais.

More to come.
Thanks for stopping by after my hiatus.

Au revoir, A bientot.



Anonymous said...

superbe j t'aime paris la belle France, le monde, merci per un petit visite virtuale. Pollyanna ton soeur.

Fer said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing. :)

kris said...

Lovely to have you back in blog land. Lovely to have you back in Tassie land. Hello, hello, hello.

Lu's here beside me, eating into my Mummy only time, and she says 'hello' and 'I love France'.

So do I. And I'm glad it was lovely.

Anonymous said...

Important to immortalise the plaits now tht they are no longer possible.

Loz and Dinny said...

QUOI! You are back! How did I miss this - what beautiful photos, G Spot - Love the one of the smallest on a baguette hunt avec son pere - lovely xx

Black Eyed Susie said...

Just realised you're blogging again. I'm in the dark ages still and don't have a snazzy set up to tell me when to go read things. Must sort that one day.

So glad you had a great trip. Enjoying your photos and looking forward to hearing more about it. Got a great book "Parisiens" for my birthday - will pass it on when I'm done.