Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Markets, eh?

Well, that certainly was a bit of fun, the ol' Niche market.

Apologies for the pics, they are a bit messy as they were taken during set up and the crowds surged in before I had a chance to take some of the final display.

Organisers think they had 6000 people through and it certainly felt like it. It was packed! How great was it too see so many people out and about on a sunny weekend in Launceston, supporting St Giles and handmade?

Thanks Liz for doing such a great job in organising such a big event for such a great organisation. Thanks to my suppliers (Auntie Cookie, The Rabbit and The Duck, Allypops, Write to Me and Ric Rac) for being part of an island market. Thanks too to my family for taking it in turns to herd the mini-beasts all weekend.

And it was my birthday. What a grouse way to turn 38!


Tania said...

Happy birthday excellent chook! Fabulous to hear the markety thing was a rip-roaring success!

Fer said...

Happy Birthday! 38? Noooo!!

It was a great weekend for some crafty goodness. :-)

clare's craftroom said...

Fantastic way to have a birthday ! Happy belated wishes !

kris said...

Sneaky! And not a mention of the big event when I saw you.

Happy birthday.

Isis said...

ohh happy birthday Georgia! sorry i didn't know. xxx

Black Eyed Susie said...

Mmmmmm, tant pour tant. Drool, drool.

I'm still recovering from the market. No voice for 4 days now. Makes it hard to grump at the kids!

Holli said...

Your stall looked great! Happy Birthday!

red bamboo said...

That cake is looking rather dangerous!
Glad you had a great b'day too!