Thursday, July 07, 2011

Grace and Me

Grace and Me

We head out into the world, Grace and me.
Treading surely on the Earth, our fingers tightly entwined,
we hit the road together.

We tear down the path,
shedding our layers as we run sunward,
beaming and grinning, light and free.

Raucous cubs, we race through fields,
wrestling and roaring, in the grasses
till our innards ache and that rascal laughter thieves our breath.

Wandering in our forest hides, we share our secrets, Grace and me.
With O’s for eyes, we cautiously unwrap and reveal our dreams.
Eye-to-eye the solemn oath is made to cherish and keep them always.

We tackle the rocks and toil the hard roads together, always together.
And when the bear clouds menace, growling and rumbling,
we stand strong.

On gloomy paths, a cheerless mist snakes itself around us.
Grace opens wide her arms and enfolds me like a blanket,
Her down-soft cheek barely rests on mine,
Grace is with me, with me, until that chill creeps on.

Now we are lost.
We stop. Silent. Still. We breathe together.
Leaning in close with a murmur for my ear,
Grace tells the way.

Up we go, hand in hand, to reach the sunny summit,
Our legs swinging as we overlook the Earth,
‘Ooh-ing’ and ‘aah-ing’ at the fireworks and fireflies,
revelling in the show.

And when day sets and night ascends,
when we are weary and warm-wanting
we hit the road together. Grace and Me,
our fingers tightly entwined, we lead each other home.

Georgia Sutton Copyright 2011


Loz and Dinny said...

you are a beaut x

Anonymous said...

did you write this

mrs smith said...

Why yes I did.

Black Eyed Susie said...

Gorgeous Georgia. You are one multi-talented woman.

ally said...

that's lovely
my Gracie and I do that too

Anonymous said...

wow its fantastic.