Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happiness is a new zine

"Happiness. This is an uncomfortable word, too full of associations of cheerfulness and mindlessness. I prefer fulfilment. The goal is to have a fulfilled life, which means enduring periods of great difficulty, but in the name of something worthwhile. Also, it feels vital to conceive of happiness as something one might, at best sample in 10-minute bursts. To imagine a decade of happiness seems insane- happiness is a rich food that we can'[t stomach for very long. We're creatures built on anxiety and apprehension. That's how we survived." - Alain de Botton

I found this kernel of wisdom in a new mag I stumbled across. It's called "The Smith Journal" and markets itself as

With a name like that how could the luthier not love it?   He did like it, but  he is suspicious that it contains mostly writing by women about men rather than real men talking real men's business. However, it has great pictures of cars and shoes and sheds made from upturned boats. The photos are beautiful in that Frankie-style sepia way, and there are some great short stories. The piece by Monsieur de Botton, my favourite modern philosopher, is entitled "Ten things I Believe" and worth a read if your are feeling a little philosophical.


Jane said...

Oh, I love Mr de Botton, and pride myself on having read him before he started on the philosophy thing, and wrote gentle small thoughtful novels about boys and girls in love, which was, um, before I had kids and when I actually read books, while these days magazines are far more my pace! And sadly, usually of the far more junky variety. I think my Mr would like the look of this too, even if he is not a Smith :)

Isis said...

i got it too, but have save most of it for my trip to melbourne tomorrow!!
it looks too 'hipster' for most guys, but i know i'll like it. soooo sick of chick's rubbish :D

Fer said...

Smith Journal? It's as if it was made just for the luthier!

Killiecrankie Farm said...

Nice find - I think you are right - you will have to introduce yourself as Mrs Smith from now on :)

ally said...

I haven't found it yet but am a big fan of typewriters, men and Mr de Botton so will keep hunting

Apple Island Wife said...

Contentment is a good goal, I always think. Happiness is lovely of course, but contentment is deeper and longer lived, along with fulfilment perhaps.
I once read that in Chinese medicine they believe that extremes of anything are unhealthy, including happiness.