Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I got a job.
For all the right reasons.

I start Thursday.
35 hours a week. But most weeks of the school holidays off.

I am pleased and horrified together.
I have never been more grateful for the time I have had at home.
And I am tearfully heartbroken that it has come to an end.

I am focused.
And determined to make every cent earnt count.
The commitment is high. The return must be significant.

Here's to change. May it be fruitful for all of us.


Tania said...


That's B.I.G.

As someone who just worked 35 hours in three days, (and thinks that this is a ridiculous way to exist), I am cheering from the sidelines that your J.O.B. solution is Just The Right Thing.

Knock 'em for six, girl.

brownbread and butter studio said...

yeah, g. it's a big one, another new time and it will be as fruitful as the last phase. I remember when you decided to stay home, you didn't come to the decision lightly but it was for all the right reasons, just as this new phase is. i'm actually really happy for you because it has really come at the right time and the return is feeling significant because, as you say and know, the payoff comes from the commitment. here's to new phases, well timed and new outfits.

Fer said...

Go get 'em!! :-)

Kirsty said...

Hoping it's just the right fit. Good luck & have fun.

Isis said...

wow, good on you!! you are gonna rock at it too, i'm sure :)
soak up the last of your freedom!

ally said...

Good luck