Saturday, August 04, 2012

Home work

Speaking to someone recently about having a job and kids etc and they said "It's good for your kids to see you working now. "

This is what I wish I had said in response, looking them straight in the eye, cool, calm and clear:

'My kids have been watching me work all their lives.'

What the fuck do people think being at home looking after children, a home and managing a family is, if not work? Isn't it the most important work? Just because it does not attract a salary, does not mean its not good, hard work. Its a pity that it is not held higher in our cultural esteem. All of us would benefit in health, happiness and community if it was.

End of rant.


Lila said...

The worst thing is the crappy idea that staying at home is not working is so ingrained now that I even get down on myself for "not working" now I'm a stay at home mum. I get so furious when I catch myself thinking 'well I don't work so I'm not contributing'.
It would be great if we could all just let each other do what's right for our families without judgement.

Loz and Dinny said...

Yep. Staying at home is all oprah reruns and cups of tea! I love my work. I love the job i do... It's just that little bit lonelier without you to meet up with at the figurative water cooler xxx

ally said...

hear hear.

Fer said...



Tracey said...

I hear you, gee I wish the other person had a chance to hear you too!

raining sheep said...

Well, just lost my first comment...I don't like Blogger right now! I laughed at your post, so funny and so true. I used to be a stay at home mom; people thought I did nothing and ate bonbons all day!

chrisartist said...

I totally agree.
I think it is also quite sad to see and hear the way people treat a stay at home Dad. Must be so hard to cop these comments when they are often isolated.
I look back on the years when I was at home with our boys as the richest years of my life- even though I was poor!
Back in my day, when filling in forms, we were expected to write "housewife". I always refused. Opting for homemaker.
Made me feel better anyway!
Keep the rage!

Mrs Smith said...

Me too. I never have the wit to rebuff in the moment.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Well ranted !
And it's not just young mothers , it's also women in their fifties who look after elderly parents .
Without housewives the world would be a bleak place .