Saturday, January 26, 2013

Summer Days

So, one week of school holidays to go and I am back at work on Monday. It has been a sensational summer.

I've decided that this is the year to take charge of my life. I think last year I decided was the year of discipline and it worked ... a bit. But lets face it, I am a bit scruffy and inconsistent and may well always be so.

In order to take charge of life, I've been focussing my energies on the people I love and on doing things I love to do and having a lot more fun and a lot more sex. Yes, yes, I know too much information, however, I have been developing a theory for quite some time, that if more women were having more and better sex, the world would be a much happier and healthier place. So to paraphrase my favourite 'So You Think You Can Dance USA' judge, I am boarding the 'hot tamale train' - Woo woo!

I'm taking charge of my working life too, putting out to the universe for a job that better floats my boat , and interesting things are starting to hove into view. Nothing concrete, but possibilities are hopeful.

A synchronistic moment happened when I randomly discovered the Ernesto Sirolli TED talk which I posted a couple of weeks ago. After listening to it a few times. I went to his FB page and discovered that the man himself had been on our island training 'Entrepreneur Facilitators' (don't you love biz-speak) just the week before! What are the chances of that? So I contacted the company and Ernesto emailed me back and our business now has an Ernesto-trained business mentor at our disposal for nothing ! Life is beautiful!

You see the luthier and I have big plans for stringed instrument and bow world domination or at least for flogging a few of the luthier's beauties overseas. A little help bringing this together, will definitely go a long way.

And holidaying has been f'n fantastic!
Beach days, basin days, fireworks, friends and a weekend hangin' with the hipsters and soaking up the contemporary art and music at MONAFOMA. It was brilliant. Dark and dirty and funny and sexy and out there, mind-expanding fun. Thanks David Walsh for throwing a motherload of cash at Brian Ritchie and saying "Throw me an awesome art and music party for four days and anyone else who wants to can come!" (And they give parents a discount if they bring their kids.) Those dudes know how to have a great time and I just like their style.

Happy days to you! Here's to a year of fun!

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Mel Kershaw xx said...

Well done, darling Georgia x