Monday, July 10, 2006

Crafty Bastards

Are you allowed to swear on your blog? If you don't like it then be warned.. the next few sentences may contain blasphemey and unpleasant language.

CHRIIIIIIST! There are some crafty bastards out there in the land of blog. Just spent a few moments clicking the links from the utterly crafty Aunty Cookie and was gobsmacked by the sheer level of craftiness going on.


While I should appreciate it and be inspired and bask in the beauty of the blogcraft glow, it just leaves me feeling like a craftless git. (Because as everyone who knows me knows, it IS all about me.) Where are my natty little name boxes for my little angel sons, or those groovy appliqued t-shirts that I just whipped up! Huh!!?? I'll tell you where they are, they are in the same place as the cowboy quilt for my J. and those books I am having published - they exist only in my goddamn imagination 'cos I don't have time to scratch my own arse let alone whip up something gorgeous or try and get a literary agent. Bloody hell.

I think I am having craft jealousy rage.

Even the craft discussion went over my head- living on the island leaves me sooooo way out of the loop- what bloody bird silhouettes? and who the hell if Nicola Cerini?

I really need to get off the island.


Mrs Davey said...

I hear you sister!!! Please dont lose hope because I had a sneak peak at your book and by George (ha ha pardon the pun!) it was so entertaining and fabulous. I also promise you that I am not just saying that because I am your friend it was truly wonderful so keep at it !!!

shannon said...

hello? freakout? you realise I have nothing better to do with my life that is why I do stuff? but in saying that a canoe off the island may not be so bad once in a while...

Got ideas for your illustrations. Havent dont anything yet though. Been busy being a crafting genius,

Violet & Rose said...

Ha! You are very funny! If I could make half the things that are in my head, I would be a squillionaire. I have just had a friend come over who has just basically told me I am a freak because of all the things I have been sewing. I wasn't sure whether this was a compliment or not? Hmm, I'll go with the compliment. And by the way,

daniela said...

You're my gal!
F*&%-en ey!
I have serious craft envy and my other thought, "how do they have time to craft AND blog?? Got sort that one out. Is there, like, a crafters childcare centre where the interior design is to die for, to the tea, the ONLY chilcare centre that I would send Rita to??~ and the childcare workers are all of their husbands??? I'm tellin' ya.
This island is really messin' with my melon too. I cant see past my eyelashes. See the profile in my new blog (the other ones are workie and they were getting too personal)...anyhoo!